Wednesday 26 June 2013


The Afrobarometer is a comparative series of public attitude surveys, covering up to 35 African
Countries in Round 5 (2011-2013). It measures public perception and attitude to democracy and its alternatives, and evaluates the quality of governance and economic performance. In addition, the survey assesses the views of the electorates on critical political issues in the surveyed countries and provides comparisons over time. Four rounds of surveys have been held from 1999 to 2008 and Round 5 is currently underway. Afrobarometer’s work in Nigeria is coordinated by the CLEEN Foundation. Fieldwork for Round 5 was conducted in Nigeria from 29th October to 30th November in 2012. The survey interviewed 2,400 adult Nigerians, and a sample of this size yields results with a margin of error of +/- 2% at a 95% confidence level.

Finding 1: Majority of Nigerians (67%) Describe the Economic Conditions of the Country As “Very Bad Or Fairly Bad”.
The Afrobarometer recent survey in Nigeria says that majority of the citizens (67 percent) describe the present economic condition of the country as “very bad or fairly bad”. Only 8 percent say the economy is “neither good nor bad” and 25 percent say the economy is “Very good and Fairly good”. About 42 percent of the citizens said their present personal living condition is “very bad or fairly bad”. 14 percent say their present personal living condition is “neither good nor bad” and another 42 percent also agree that their present personal living condition is “neither good nor bad”.
The survey also revealed that a small majority of Nigerians (51 percent) think their personal living condition is “Much better or better” compared to 12 months ago.  A fifth (21 percent) however expressed contrasting opinion. Nearly equal percentages think the country’s economic condition compared to 12 months ago is “Much Worse or Worse” (37 percent) or “Much Better or Better” (34 percent). However about majority of Nigerians are optimistic about economic conditions (78 percent) and their personal living conditions (85 percent) in 12 months time.

Finding 2: 81 percent of Nigerians say the Performance of the present government in managing the economy is very poor.
The survey also revealed that majority of Nigerians rated the present government as having performed poorly in the general management of the economy as well as the management of specific economic indicators. 81 percent of Nigerians assessed government’s performance in managing the economy as “Very badly or fairly badly. Only 19 percent of the citizens assessed the government performance as “Very well and fairly well”. The survey further revealed that majority (85 percent) think the present government has performed “Very Badly or Fairly badly” in improving the living standards of the poor, while only 15 percent think the government is doing “Very well or fairly well” in improving the living standards of the poor.

Finding 3: 50 percent of Nigerians say they will go to the Police for assistance if they were victims of crime; however 47 percent agree to have a level of trust for the police.
The Afrobarometer survey in its findings revealed also that 59 percent of Nigerians at the national, rural and urban settlement levels say based on their various individual experiences, it is “very difficult or difficult” to obtain help from the Police. However, 25 percent to 26 percent of people in those areas think otherwise. Thus there is still ample space for the Police to work towards improving policing services delivery. Also, 50 percent of Nigerians say they will go to the Police for assistance if they were victims of crime. Also, three main reasons why Nigerians believe people do not report crimes to the police are: Police will demand bribe (31 percent); Police wouldn’t be able do anything (15 percent); and Police don’t listen or care (14 percent). Majority of the citizens think government has performed “Very Badly or Fairly badly” in reducing crime (69 percent) and resolving violent conflict between communities (59 percent).



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