Tuesday 19 January 2016

The CLEEN Foundation deepens the fight against Oil Theft and Pipeline Vandalization in Niger Delta Communities

 CLEEN Foundation in line with the activities of Access NG project is organising VPs workshops in Oguta and Ohaji in Imo State, Owaza and Umuorie in Abia State to deepen and strengthen the fight against oil theft and pipeline vandalization that the organization started since 2013.

The workshops are slated to hold on 19th at Oguta, 20th at Owaza, 22nd at Umuorie and 26th at Ohaji, all in January, 2016. The workshops would have representatives of Oil Companies operating in the above mentioned Communities, Community Leaders, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Niger Delta Anti-Corruption Network (NIDAN), South East Governance Network (SEGON), Members of Human Rights Working Group, Security Agents, Traditional Rulers etc in attendance.

These workshops would afford participants the opportunity to further understand Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPs) Initiative and how it can be used as a dialogue tool to engage other stakeholders in the extractive sector.

Representatives of NIDAN and CLEEN Foundation would be facilitating sessions on: Host Community, Stakeholder or Private Security and Creating a Healthy Environment for Development respectively.

This phase of VPs workshops would encourage and further promote peace in the extractive sector that would encourage and ensure collective efforts in the fight against oil theft and pipeline vandalization.  The communities would also be advised to see community policing as a step in the right direction towards promoting safety and security in their communities.

The CLEEN Foundation enjoins all Nigerians and foreigners residing in Nigeria to join the fight against oil theft and pipeline vandalization in order to save the economy of the country from further dwindling.


Benson Olugbuo
Ag. Executive Director,
CLEEN Foundation

Friday 15 January 2016

CLEEN Foundation calls for constructive Civil Military Relations in Nigeria

We join all Nigerians to facilitate with the Nigerian military on the occasion of the armed forces remembrance day.

The Nigerian Armed Forces has engaged in successful military operations in various peace keeping missions to restore peace in troubled countries such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan just to mention but a few. At the home front, the fight against insurgency has also recorded major successes despite sustained attacks by insurgents since 2009. To further show their unalloyed patriotism, the Nigerian Legion recently announced their commitment to join the Nigerian Military in the fight against terrorism in Nigeria. 

These success stories and efforts by the Nigerian Military collectively are often under-reported in the media and sometimes also met with distrust by the public. These issues portend the need to open up the dialogue space for fostering civil military relations in Nigeria. This is with a view to improving security and development and more importantly, positioning the military as a responsive and accountable government institution.

Despite these successes, there is existing tension between the military and the civilian which is as a result of the long military rule experienced in the past and increased military deployment across civilian space linked to the war against insurgency. This has resulted in a strained relationship between both parties and negates the fundamental rights of the people contrary to the provisions of the Nigerian constitution.

We use this historic occasion to encourage the Military to continue to put in their best and to remain resolute in the fight against terrorists; together we will win the war! We call on the military to investigate and address issues of human right abuses as it concerns Nigerians.

The ‘Fostering Civil Military Relations project’ is timely and aims to build support and promote positive civil-military relations between Nigerians and the military. CLEEN Foundation hopes to achieve this project objective through series of stakeholders’ dialogue sessions to develop a roadmap that will foster Civil Military Relations in Nigeria. Through this project, we will support ongoing discussions and engagement between the military and the civil society to improve accountability, security and national cohesion.  

Join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #CMR-NG and follow @cleenfoundation


Benson Olugbuo
Ag. Executive Director,
CLEEN Foundation

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