Wednesday 8 August 2012

FG Told To Develop National Intelligence Sharing Policy

FG Told To Develop National Intelligence Sharing Policy 
Posted on 7th August, 2012

Chukwumerije Aja, Abuja
Participants at the 6th Policing Executive Forum have met in Abuja, discussing “Intelligence Led Policing in Nigeria”. It is a biannual conference focusing on the role of intelligence in crime prevention.
They said there was the need to set out structures and processes that would provide strategic guidelines to gather intelligence and also to meet up with the contemporary policing system.
The forum in Abuja, was put together by the CLEEN foundation, Macarthur Foundation and the Justice for All Programme of the UK Department for International Developments, with Participants drawn from the Nigeria Police Force, Ministry of Police Affairs, National Human Rights Commission, and civil society groups.
Participants deliberated on issues relating to crime and the reformation of law enforcement systems through the development of intelligence mechanisms.
Papers were presented by academics, retired and serving security personnel, which led to very insightful discussions.
They also called on the government to develop and adopt a national intelligence sharing policy. This should be accompanied by the establishment of a national intelligence database.
 Government, they said, should create special budgets for the training and re-training of the security personnel to strengthen intelligence capability. Such trainingsmust emphasize goals and objectives of intelligence gathering.
The forum posited that a modern training curriculum on intelligence-led policing should be developed for security training institutions.
They called for a needs-assessment of the FIB Unit of the Nigeria Police should be conducted to identify trainable personnel and facilities that need to be improved upon and that the community policing entity should be reinvigorated for effective intelligence-led policing in Nigeria.



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