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Call for Expression of Interest (EOI): Sexual and Gender Based Violence Response Team

Date of EOI: 23rd February, 2018

Closing Date of the EOI: 7th March 2018

Email EOI to:

1. Purpose of Expression of Interest(EOI)

CLEEN Foundation seeks Expression of Interest (EOI) from qualified professionals to develop interventions on Sexual and Gender based Violence through trainings, engagements, meetings, and the development of new materials to address the critical issues underpinning the increase in Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Nigeria. While also taking into cognizance the new trends of Conflict Related Sexual Violence suffered by Women, Girls, Men, Boys during conflicts and crisis.

2. Background

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR) in 1948 which directed member nations to promote and protect “a number of human, civil, political, economic and social rights, asserting these rights are part of the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.” A number of other measures and legislative frameworks were put in motion by the UN and member nations to protect the rights of women, girls and other vulnerable groups from Sexual and Gender Based Violence. These instruments are response to the bitter experiences women and other vulnerable persons in-conflict and post-conflict periods which include but not limited to rape, torture, forced marriage, mutilation, pregnancies, STD's/STI's etc. Sexual and Gender Based Violence refers to any act that is perpetrated against a person's will and is based on gender norms and unequal power relationships. It encompasses threats of violence and coercion. It can be physical, emotional, psychological and sexual in nature, and can take the form of denial of resources or access to services. It inflicts harm on women, girls, men and boys. In Nigeria, the war against SGBV has taken a downturn in fortunes as a result of the patriarchal and primordial nature of the society. SGBV has now become a canker worm that has eaten deep into the development and entrenchment of fundamental human rights of victims and has become a pervasive and ubiquitous problem with impunity. This is occurring against a backdrop of policy and legislative measures such as Child Rights Acts, CEDAW, Violence against persons prohibition act amongst others developed to tackle this menace, as current statistics on SGBV  shows that one woman in ten in the Niger-Delta has reported either being raped or attempted being raped. 46.5 percent of women in Africa have experienced some form of violence. This figure in Northern Nigeria shows that it is one in three women.

It is against this backdrop that experts in Sexual and Gender based Violence are needed on the CLEEN Foundation BUILD Project to deliver interventions on SGBV through trainings, engagements, meetings, and the development of new materials on addressing these issues.

3. Objective of the Engagement 
To conduct training on Sexual and Gender Based violence;
To develop new materials on addressing Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Nigeria at the demand and supply sides of the Government, relevant stakeholders and the public;
To convene and facilitate stakeholders meeting on addressing the challenges of SGBV in Nigeria;
To conduct needs assessment for the FCT Domestic and Sexual Violence response Team.

4. Scope of Work
The consultants will be responsible for the following:
Assessment of existing Structures and Services provided by relevant Government agencies, CSO's and law enforcement agents under the FCT- SGBV Response Team; in order to identify gaps, where they exist, and offer members of the team and the public better knowledge of the services provided;
Develop training materials for project beneficiaries (FCT – SGBV Response Team), CLEEN Foundation, and relevant stakeholders on methods of response to Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV); 
Facilitate training programs for agencies and institutions working under the team(FCT - SGBV Response Team) especially critical agencies like the Police, Health and Legal Services;
Convene and also facilitate stakeholders  meetings with representatives of various states with existing sexual assault and referrals centers(SARC) for learning and skills sharing;
Work closely with CLEEN Foundation to produce robust advocacy and awareness IEC materials for SGBV campaign using multi-media platforms;
Drive Advocacy with relevant stakeholders in the prevention of SGBV to encourage 
compliance with the Violence against Person's prohibition Act.

5. Requirements 

All interested professionals must submit the following:

1. A Cover Letter with evidence of relevant past work experience(s)  in the area of Prevention of Sexual and Gender based violence;
2. 2 Referees conversant with the work of the professionals;
3. A recent Personal CV/Resume and at least 3 references (Individuals only)

6. Submission of Expression of Interest(EOI)

All submissions should be sent to no later than close of business on 7th March 2018.  Interested organisations are strongly encouraged to apply.

If you have any additional questions about this Call for Expression of Interest (EOI), please email cc   No phone calls or sms please.

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