Monday 5 August 2013


The Afrobarometer is a comparative series of public attitude surveys, covering up to 35 African
Countries in Round 5 (2011-2013). It measures public perception and attitude to democracy and its alternatives, and evaluates the quality of governance and economic performance. In addition, the survey assesses the views of the electorates on critical political issues in the surveyed countries and provides comparisons over time. Four rounds of surveys have been held from 1999 to 2008 and Round 5 is currently underway. Afrobarometer’s work in Nigeria is coordinated by the CLEEN Foundation. Fieldwork for Round 5 was conducted in Nigeria from 29th October to 30th November in 2012. The survey interviewed 2,400 adult Nigerians, and a sample of this size yields results with a margin of error of +/- 2% at a 95% confidence level.


Finding 1: Most Nigerians, (80 percent) prefer the selection of leaders through regular, open and honest elections and only (20 percent) prefer other methods since elections sometimes produce bad results.
The Afrobarometer survey recently conducted in Nigeria revealed that a solid majority of the citizens (80percent) prefer the selection of leaders through regular, open and honest elections. Only (20percent) prefer the adoption of other methods of choosing leaders in the country since the elections sometimes produce bad results. The survey also revealed that a little over half of Nigerians (54percent) agree that Women should have the same chance of being elected to political office as men. However, a significant minority (46percent) believes that men make better political leaders than women, and should be elected rather than women. Another majority (68percent) said women should have equal rights and receive the same treatment as men do yet a minority is of the opinion that Women have always been subject to traditional laws and customs in the country, and should remain so.
Finding 2: Majority of Nigerians (55 percent), believe that the presence of more political parties in the country enhance real choices and (44 percent) has the opinion that more political parties create divisions and confusions.
The survey reveals that majority of the citizens (55percent) believe that many political parties are needed to make sure that Nigerians have real choice in who governs them and a large minority (44percent) believe that political parties create divisions and confusion; therefore it is unnecessary to have many political parties in the country.  The survey also revealed that Majority of Nigerians (60percent) believe that better cooperation between the opposition and the ruling patties would develop the country, and just (39percent) support the opposition parties to regularly examine and criticize government policies and actions, only (1perecent) said “don’t know”.

Finding 3: Nearly a half of Nigerians (47 percent), described democracy in the country as “democracy with major Problems”. However, (35 percent) have a contrary opinion that the democracy in the country is one “with minor problems”.
 It was also found that large minority of citizens (41percent) are not very satisfied with way democracy works in the country and (25percent) expressed high level of dissatisfaction, 28percent said they are fairly satisfied, (2percent) has the opinion that the country is not in an democracy and only (4percent) of the people are satisfied.



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